Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all subdomains of These subdomains are:

Subdomain URL Collects Data Local Storage
Formulator No No
2048 Yes Yes
Simple List Yes Yes
Kanji Inspector No No

Keep in mind that some of these subdomains are PWA, which means they can be installed on a device and behave like native applications even when they are still web pages.

What does "Collects Data" mean?

It means that there is information belonging to you or your device that is stored externally in a database.

2048 saves your nickname and score, and only when you send said information actively using the "send" button that appears when the game is over.

Simple list collects your email, password (encrypted), lists and items, which is all necessary for the proper functioning of the application.

You can contact me (see contact section) if you wish that information to be removed.

What does "Local Storage" mean?

It means that certain information (page preferences, lists, best score, etc.) is stored locally on your device (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc).

This information can be deleted by yourself, by deleting the browser data.

You can read more about Local Storage here.


You can contact me if you have any doubt about this privacy policy or to request some of your information stored in any of my websites to be removed.

I'm available at